About Online Learning

Online Learning is flexible-paced, independent online learning.  Students can work around their busy schedules to complete their course work.  There are no set traditional class times. Our style of learning is perfect for those with work, family, or school obligations, and for those who need flexibility.

School Learning Plan

Our school goal is to increase the rate at which our students succeed in completing courses.

This year, we are especially focused on creating and editing high-quality, interactive instructional videos that can increase student engagement.  Students will find concepts explained by their teacher is a more personal and helpful approach to online learning, and visuals that show, demonstrate and explain can support learners in acquiring knowledge and skills.

Click here to view our 2023/2024 School Learning Plan  

Our strategies also include increasing contact, both online and face to face; reaching out to students or (where applicable) their parents and guardians if they have not recently made progress; and revising our courses to make them even more flexible and accessible.

We are sharing what we have learned with other online schools, and we and they are learning from each other. If you are a student of ours, please don’t hesitate to make your own suggestions either directly to your teacher or to our office.