Current Students

I need help in my course.  How do I contact my teacher?

Student support is available by email, video conferencing or in-person.  Please see your course homepage for your teacher’s availability.  The office cannot provide course-specific student support.

How do I add a course?

Students are permitted to take up to two courses at a time, with the option to add additional courses as they complete.  Please visit our registration page for instructions on how to add an additional course.

I am retaking a course for a better grade.  Will my Ministry of Education transcript still show my old grade?

Your transcript will only show your highest mark.  If you retake a course and receive a better grade, the better grade will overwrite your old grade on your Ministry of Education Transcript.  If your mark does not improve, it will remain as is.

I did not pass my course.  Will this be reflected on my Ministry of Education Transcript?

No.  Only successful completions will show on your Ministry of Education Transcript.

How do I withdraw from my course?

Please follow the withdrawal instructions on our withdrawals page.

I have finished my course.  Now what?

Your teacher will assign a final mark, which you will be able to access on your course page.  Please allow your teacher up to 5 business days to mark your assignments and issue your final grade.

We submit course marks to the Ministry of Education every Friday (excluding school closures – for example, our school is closed during Spring Break, Winter Break, and parts of the summer) and your Official Transcript of Grades is generally updated within 2-3 business days.

If you currently attend high school, your home school will submit your completions to The Ministry of Education.

How do I obtain my Ministry of Education Transcript or send my transcript to my post-secondary school?

Former and current students can set up a BCeID account to order their transcript directly from the BC Ministry of Education via their Student Transcripts Service.  Follow the instructions on their website .  You will need to know your PEN (Personal Education Number).

You may find these video links helpful in setting up your BCeID account and ordering transcripts:

Creating your BCeID account

Sending your transcript to post-secondary schools

Ordering a transcript for yourself or an employer

I have completed my graduation requirements with New Westminster Online Learning.  When will I get my diploma?

Once you have completed your courses for graduation with us, your diploma will be mailed to us within 2 months.  You will receive an email when your diploma is ready for pickup at our office.

If you are on The Adult Graduation Program and think you have reached your graduation requirements, please send us an email to verify.

I still have questions.

Please contact us if you have further questions.  We will be happy to assist you.