Online Courses for Adult Students

Our courses are best suited for students who have a facility with the English language. Students still learning English are encouraged to enroll in a classroom-based course.

Students without a school transcript may be required to complete an English and Math assessment.

Click on the course to view the course outline and prerequisites.

More information on the BC Curriculum can be found here.

All courses are tuition-free for non-graduated students.  Courses marked with a * are not funded for adults who have already graduated.  The cost of courses marked with a * is $375.00 for graduated students.  More information on tuition-free courses for graduated students can be found here.

Applied Design, Skills and Technologies

Entrepreneurship 12 *

Career Education

Career-Life Education 12 (for students on The Adult Graduation Program) *

English Language Arts 

Literary Studies 11  (Students will need to show completion of an English 10 course, or equivalency.)

English Studies 12  (Students will need to show completion of an English 11 course, or equivalency.)

English First Peoples 12  (Students will need to show completion of an English 11 course, or equivalency.)


Math 10 Refresher for Adults (Math Foundations 5-7)

Foundations of Mathematics 11

Pre-calculus 11

Workplace Mathematics 11

Pre-calculus 12

Physical and Health Education 

Fitness and Conditioning 12 *


Chemistry 11

Life Sciences 11

Science for Citizens 11 *

Physics 11

Anatomy and Physiology 12

Chemistry 12

Physics 12

Social Studies 

20th Century World History 12 *

BC First Peoples 12 *

Law Studies 12 *