Registration - Returning Students

Returning Students

If you are already a student with us this academic year and want to add a new course you can do so by email. After checking the course outline to make sure you meet the prerequisite requirements, download and follow the instructions on our eADD form. If you have any questions about prerequisites, contact the teacher of that course directly.

If you were previously enrolled in an online course and would like to continue with that course, contact your course instructor (see below, or click here).

Course Outlines:

BC First Nations Studies 12 online Teacher – Jim Kemp 

Biology 11 online Teacher – Deborah Goertz 

Biology 12 online Teacher – Deborah Goertz 

Chemistry 11 online Teacher – Deborah Goertz 

Chemistry 12 online Teacher – Deborah Goertz 

Communications 12 online Teacher – Mike Gaskell 

English 10 online Teacher- Mike Gaskell 

English 11 online Teacher – Glenn Bullard 

English 12 online Teacher – Glenn Bullard 

Entrepreneurship 12 online Teacher – Jim Kemp 

Family Studies 12 online Teacher – Deborah Goertz 

French 11 online Teacher – Andrea Luck 

History 12 online Teacher – Bryan Onstad 

Information Technology 10 online Teacher – Jim Kemp 

Law 12 online Teacher – Andrea Luck 

Adult Foundations Math Upgrading Level 4 online Teacher – Mike Gaskell 

Adult Foundations Math Upgrading Level 5 online Teacher – Mike Gaskell 

Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 10 online – NO longer offered

Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 11 online Teacher – Randolph Decker 

Physical Education 10 online Teacher – Bryan Onstad 

Foundations and Pre-Calculus Math 10 online Teacher – Mike Gaskell 

Math 10 (for Adult Graduation) online Teacher – Mike Gaskell 

Pre-Calculus Math 11 online Teacher – Bryan Onstad 

Pre-Calculus Math 12 online Teacher – Bryan Onstad 

Physics 11 online Teacher – Randolph Decker 

Physics 12 online Teacher – Randolph Decker 

Planning 10 online Teacher – Jim Kemp 

Planning 12 online Teacher – Jim Kemp 

Science 10 online Teacher – Jim Kemp 

Science and Technology 11 online Teacher – Jim Kemp 

Social Studies 10 online Teacher – Bryan Onstad 

Social Studies 11 online Teacher – Bryan Onstad 

Highlights at New West Online Learning

Online learning and in-person teaching support

Online learning and in-person teaching support

We welcome all students, adult or high school aged, looking to take a course in a more location- and time- independent way. Our unique team of BC-certified teachers has been designing courses, creating content and working online - and in person - with students for more than 16 years. We integrate media-rich materials and sources to facilitate learning and keep our courses current... more

Start any time!  We have continuous enrolment…

Start any time! We have continuous enrolment…

You can enroll in our courses at any time, 11 months of the year. Our flexible programming allows you to create a schedule that works for you and supports you in reaching your educational goals... more

Two locations, more options…

Two locations, more options…

We have two locations in New Westminster.  You can access computers and teacher support at our Columbia Street office and test centre, close to the New Westminster sky train station.  High school-aged students can take advantage of our second site in Room #187 at New Westminster Secondary School - where online learning can help students address challenging schedules and a variety of learning styles... more