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Course-specific information is found on these course outlines. Once you have read the outline, contact the teacher of the course if you still have questions.

Course Outlines:

Note: * indicates courses that are NOT free for grads (for students who have their Grade 12 Diploma). Grads pay a $375 tuition fee for * courses. If you do not have your Grade 12 diploma, all courses are tuition-free. International students, please refer to the “Fees & Refund Policy“.

Our Summer Semester registration is now CLOSED 

Registration for our September Semester starts Wednesday, September 9th.

Social Studies (September)

English Language Arts (September)

*BC First Peoples 12

*20th Century World History 12

*Entrepreneurship 12

*Law Studies 12

*Social Studies 10

English Studies 12

Literary Studies 11

*English Language Arts 10: Composition 2 credits

*English Language Arts 10: Literary Studies 2 credits

Career Education (September)

Science (September)

*Career-Life Connections 12

*Career-Life Education 10

*Career-Life Education 12 (for adult graduation program)

Anatomy and Physiology 12

Life Sciences 11

Chemistry 11

Chemistry 12

Foundations Science: Biology or Chemistry or Physics NEW

Physics 11

Physics 12

*Science 10

*Science for Citizens 11

Mathematics (September)

Physical and Health Education (September)

Pre-calculus Math 12

Pre-calculus Math 11

Foundations of Math 11

Workplace Math 11

*Foundations and Pre-calculus Math 10

*Workplace Math 10

Math 10 Refresher (for grads)

Math Upgrading (Adult Foundations) Level 4

Math Upgrading (Adult Foundations) Level 5

*Fitness and Conditioning 12

*Physical Health and Education 10


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Our locations are CLOSED until further notice due to COVID-19.

Current students can continue to work on their courses online. Please contact your teacher with any questions or concerns. more

Online learning and in-person teaching support

Online learning and in-person teaching support

We welcome all students, adult or high school aged, looking to take a course in a more location- and time- independent way. Our unique team of BC-certified teachers has been designing courses, creating content and working online - and in person - with students for more than 16 years. We integrate media-rich materials and sources to facilitate learning and keep our courses current... more

Start any time!  We have continuous enrolment…

Start any time! We have continuous enrolment…

You can enroll in our courses at any time, 11 months of the year. Our flexible programming allows you to create a schedule that works for you and supports you in reaching your educational goals... more

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