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Course-specific information is found on these course outlines. Once you have read the outline, contact the teacher of the course if you still have questions.

Course Outlines:

Note: * indicates courses that are NOT free for grads (for students who have their Grade 12 Diploma). Grads pay a $375 tuition fee for * courses. If you do not have your Grade 12 diploma, all courses are tuition-free. International students, please refer to the “Fees & Refund Policy“.

Social Studies (September) English Language Arts (September)
*BC First Peoples 12
*20th Century World History 12
*Entrepreneurship 12
*Law Studies 12
*Social Studies 10
Social Studies 9
English Studies 12
Literary Studies 11
*English Language Arts 10:
 2 credits
*English Language Arts 10:
Literary Studies
2 credits
English Language Arts 9
Career Education (September) Science (September)
*Career-Life Connections 12
*Career-Life Education 10
*Career-Life Education 12
(for Adult Graduation Program)
Anatomy and Physiology 12
Life Sciences 11
Chemistry 11
Chemistry 12
Foundations Science: Biology or
Chemistry or Physics
*Science 9
*Science 10
*Science for Citizens 11
Mathematics (September) Physical and Health Education (September)
Pre-calculus Math 12
Pre-calculus Math 11
Foundations of Math 11
Workplace Math 11
*Foundations and Pre-calculus Math 10
*Workplace Math 10
Mathematics 9
Math 10 Refresher (for grads)
Math Upgrading (Adult Foundations) Level 4
Math Upgrading (Adult Foundations) Level 5
*Fitness and Conditioning 12
*Physical Health and Education 10

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