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September 8, 2020

New Westminster School District K-8 Online School

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to New Westminster School District’s brand-new K-8 Online Learning Program! We are excited to be working with you to create an engaging online learning option to support your child. We are currently in the process of
finalizing registration, creating classes and assigning our teaching staff. Once we have organized our classes and teachers, we will begin the process of developing our online program and creating schedules for virtual meetings and real-time lessons for each grade. We have a lot of work to do, and we appreciate your patience as we get things up and running. In order to ensure a smooth start up for our program, we wanted to share some very important information with you.

What is Online Learning?

Online Learning means that students are learning at a distance from their teacher. Students will access curriculum; including lessons, assignments and self-directed projects through an online Learning Management System. We will be
using the Microsoft Office suite of tools and more specifically Microsoft Teams to engage our students in distance education.

How do Students, Teachers and Parents Work Together in this Program?

In our K-8 Online Learning Program, students will be working at home with the support of a parent/guardian to complete grade level learning standards designed for them by a BC qualified teacher. The teacher will provide
synchronous (in real time) and asynchronous (independent) learning activities in the online environment and will use videoconferencing and online collaboration tools to support student engagement. Students will be invited to
class meetings, specific online lessons, group meetings, and one-on-one conferences with their teacher as needed throughout the program. Depending on the grade, students will be invited to online learning sessions several times a week—with sessions lasting between 20 minutes to an hour. Parents/guardians will be expected to work in partnership with us to facilitate the continued learning at home based on the projects, assignments and activities assigned by the teacher. Teachers will assess the learning experiences and provide feedback to students and parents on a regular basis. In addition, teachers will provide three formal written report cards per year in MyEducationBC to communicate student learning.

All K-8 online students will need regular access to a laptop/desktop computer and a reliable internet connection.

How Do We Get Started?

Later this week we will send you instructions on how to access the MyEducation BC Family Portal, your child’s Microsoft Office account, and how to get your child logged into Teams.

By September 14, we will provide your child with self-directed cross curricular activities to complete with your support for the first few weeks of September. During this time, teachers will set up virtual conferences with each student and their parent/guardian. We will get to know you and your child better, discuss any specific learning needs your child may have, and complete a Student Leaning Plan that will guide our work with your child. If your child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP), we will consult with their Learning Support Teacher at their regular school to update the IEP and determine the appropriate adaptations and supports needed for success in online learning.

On September 15, we invite you and your child to a Virtual Open House/Meet the Teacher event via Teams to introduce our staff, review our program and answer any questions you may have. Our K-3 families will be invited from 6:30 pm -7:00 pm and our Grade 4-8 families will be invited from 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm. Please use the appropriate link below to access the event. You may be prompted to download the Teams app to your computer/phone. We are excited to meet you!

Virtual Open House for K-3: Tuesday September 15, 6:30-7:00:
Virtual Open House for 4-8: Tuesday September 15, 7:00-7:30:

The week of September 28, we will begin our formal program, by scheduling our regular class meetings, lessons, and tutorials, and begin sending home our Weekly Learning Plans and resources to guide your child’s learning throughout
each week.

This is a brand new, exciting adventure that we are embarking on together. There will be some bumps along the way as we create something new and different for our students, but we are committed to creating powerful learning experiences. Thank you for your patience and support as we innovate and create our amazing K-8 Online Learning Program.


Pamela Craven
District Principal, New Westminster Online School
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Maureen McRae-Stanger
Director of Instruction, Learning and Innovation
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